Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Major News

Internet shopping is becoming an increasingly lucrative industry. However it is also becoming more and more competitive causing online apparel retailers to take advantage of ever evolving technology to make the buying experience for consumers more interactive and fun.

What does this mean? There will be a major service expansion in my business. In form of "fashion motion shoots". In other words: You might have shopped for apparel online, rolled your mouse over a photo and lo and behold the model moves for a few seconds to show off the clothing product's back or detail(s). If you haven't, just log onto www.ralphlauren.com who are, due to their lavish budgets, highly competent crews and willingness to remain innovative, always a few miles ahead of everyone else.

The little shock wave motion files can be produced on shoots for all clients interested, starting the last quarter of this year. With sophisticated web designers, programmers, servers and last but not least photographers with a cinematography back round such as myself.

Monday, August 25, 2008

www.rohdewald.com is in the works

Since my personal work is a bit on the edgy side, to say the least, I made the rather safe decision to post my personal series on a separate website: www.rohdewald.com.

Since my non commercial work exposes everything that can not be shown on the American commercial fashion market - among them graphic violence, political and religious themes - the aim of a separate site is to increase my own hopes that this work will not scare away the most conservative of clients and make it clear that this body of work is intended for the art and gallery industry only.

A separate posting will announce the completion of this site.