Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cinematography going into effect!

The step has been made: My equipment resources have been expanded to uncompressed HD videography with a Panasonic HVX200a, hotlights, softboxes and various mics. A complete list can be found below. I'm as of now available for cine and video work. A reel is in progress and should be available on DVD and online within the next couple of months>

Panasonic HVX200a w/accessories
2 16 GB P2 cards
Bogen fluidhead heavyweight tripod
Skateboard dolly with 25ft. of PVC tracks (MOS only)

Shotgun mic,
2 Lavalier mics
1 Wireless lavalier mic kit
Boom pole, 9'
Shock mount
Various adapters for sound feeds
2 XLR-XLR cables
1 XLR-1/4"mini cables
1/4" mini to 1/4" mini cable, stereo
2 Phone jack cables, mono
1 RCA to RCA stereo cable

2 Lowell DP lights
3 Lowell Omni lights
2 Lowell Pro Lights
Chimera softbox, 36x48' w/ speedring
Nylon grid for softbox, 36x48'
2 Flexfill reflectors, 1 large, 1 medium
2 36" umbrellas, white
1 48" umbrella white
4 Matthew clamps
Conversion gels, spun glass, ND gels, color gels
2 Backdrop stands with cross bar, 9' high, 5-11' wide
1 Heavyweight light stand, 9'
5 Middleweight lights stands, 8'
2 Lightweight light stands, 7'
Adjustable boompole with counterweight, 8' max
3 25' extension cords
1 10' extension cord
2 power strips with circuit breakers
Replacement bulbs

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rubin Singer.

Mr. Rubin Singer's designs, a close to 14 hour photoshoot and a thorough team of 12, gave us results that others could only wish for as a look book!