Friday, December 11, 2009

Excited for my brand new client, a so called netflix for dresses. Yup, you heard me: rent a designer dress for a fraction of its' cost, wear it, send it back and don't worry about having spent a fortune or getting spotted wearing that thing twice. My shoots with the wonderful RTR team which is run by Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss are fantastic. The energy is always upbeat and enthusiastic. And I'd like to think that it shows:

Recession, shmecession.

What, me worry? With two pieces of good news that may not come easy: September '09 has been my best month ever while the third fiscal quarter has been by far the busiest quarter. I'm excited to say that more clients have found their way to my clicking cameras (with a little help from my friends) than any other year. And so far it looks like it will be the best year all together. Question is how much more than the previous year. Not that anyone but me would care. So why am I asking you? Hell, I don't know...maybe I just like to brag.